Wednesday, September 23, 2015

first day of autumn

the first day of autumn finds the garden a busy place...alfllfa sporting its first true leaves...winter rye, winter vetch, yellow peas all germinating as they begin the task of setting nitrogen and supplying organic matter for spring ...however this season isn't over yet by a ways and the first day of autumn finds the 2015 season still chugging along...there is new broccoli up...and the second year asparagus i still verdant...and peppers...there are still peppers to be found jalapenos, bell, and to bottom third fourth and fifth photos...and in the same bed as the banana peppers the inderteminate early blue potatoes are still blooming even if not as outspokenly as before...while a few beds over the cauliflower continues its race with frost and i believe i see the very first glimmerings of brussels sprouts...i do not hold out high hopes for harvesting many...the critters...especially rabbits..seem to find them as tasty as some humans do...not done yet...not finished producing...not even close to mulching garlic and asparagus...still green manures to plant...autumn is not a slow season.

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