Wednesday, September 9, 2015

green manure

stopped off on campus after work to visit with the coach for a bit and after i kept her talking past her usual departure time i ambled over to the garden to have a look...we got a fair rain yesterday and sure eonugh it was enough to get the alfalfa i planted monday up and may be difficult to see but it is there in the top two photos...once they develop three true leaves they will be able to winter over and when those appear i will be sowing some winter rye to act as a reservoir for the excess nitrogen the alfalfa and rhizobia bacteria will produce in their symbiosis...compost and fertilizer grown in the same bed for next spring...elsewhere, the indeterminate early blue are still blooming and still producing potato fruits( third and fourth photos )and will go on doing so until a hard frost or someone yanks them out of the ground...banana and jalepeno peppers are still blooming and producing as well and will adhere to the same time frame as the early blues...the cauliflower is still being gnawed but it is steadfast in its bed...still to soon to call.

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