Saturday, September 19, 2015


i planted these potatoes on the eighteenth of hundred and twenty one days ago and i netted them as soon as i noticed the fruits because i wanted those for sure...they are finally done so it was time to harvest...there were two varieties in this container, both of which i received from the usda potato introduction station in sturgeon's bay was called piccaso and it produced three tubers for the one i planted...container grown and small, the weighted in at just over five ounces...but it was the "primitive cultivar" huaycu that got my attention when it began to produce fruit after it had flowered...clearly determinate ( it only flowered once ) i was determined to harvest the tubers and the the netting paid off and today i have 13 1/8 ounces of tubers ( half of which i am saving for seed ) and five fruits..which...oddly enough..are not ripe enough to into a paper bag for a bit until the soften...i am assuming they are as genetically diverse as any other potato seed...but i will be growing vines form this seed next a winter basement project.

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