Thursday, September 17, 2015

i told you they were relentless II

remember the jerusalem artichokes i found growing in a cardboard box eighteen days ago?...well the flowers have wilted and the leaves are dying back...sure signs these are finished for the season...i have been curious to see what they would produce since i found them and the moment for harvest seemed i pulled the root ball out of the box...and what did i find...twenty eight tubers that weighed in at five and one half ounces...more than enough to be noticeable in a salad...also enough to produce at least twenty eight more jerusalem artichoke plants in the spring if i left them to their own devices...the salad business is more likely...i have had larger harvests fro a single plant...sometimes sixty or more tubers weighing multiple pounds...i cannot, however, recall any one of them that was this determined...true they are natives and are at home...still...dna is tenacious stuff.

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