Sunday, September 27, 2015

industrial fall

there are signs of autumn in the biomass in the berm beside the suburban cornfield today...some anthropogenic trash too...when i finally got to he dense yellow #2 i found one ear on the closely spaced plants had split its husk ( the other ear feels as if it might have a kernel or two on it but it is mostly a failure )...and if you look closely near dead center of the fourth photo you will see a larger ear split open as wee...there are quite a few out there actually and if this seed could produce a second generation worth calling that these corn plants could, in a limited way, reseed themselves...puts some pressure on iltus's catastrophic sexual mutation business...corn didn't do that on its own had human help...signs of fall everywhere as the corn plants die back from the bottom up...which, incidentally, is what the teosinte plant in the sixth photo is doing...the husks on their ears split open as well...imagine that behavior as genetically disrupted by human artificial selection.

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