Tuesday, September 22, 2015

no teosinte tonight

oh i have the photos alright...but there's other stuf going on out there that merits notice ( from, anyway ) the yacon in the top two photos ir robust and booming along in its 210 day season...it will be going inside soon enough to "finish'...the mashua is looking fine as well...it may be able to finish outside...looking forward to peppery tubers...there are some late pole beans going on...took their sweet time they did...there's life in the green manures i sowed saturday...this would be alfalfa i believe and i see at lest five yellow peas germinating...some of the peas floated to the surface ( peas are notorious floaters ) and have begun to germinate there...i pushed them back down so their roots get a better hold ( yes...i separated those four...didn't shove them down in a bunch )...if you miss the teosinte, no worries, there will be many more photos before autumn is over.

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