Tuesday, September 8, 2015


the inertia of circumstances kept me from posting this notice on the day it occurred so i will assay to redress the lapse..after two years and 289 days i do believe the twinkie from 11-19-2012 had finally gone past its "best by" date...admittedly it has been a while since i posted about this but i have been checking the "golden sponge cake" for its ability to spring back to its original form on a monthly basis...and this month it failed...clearly both side of the extruded snack cake failed to spring back...the dents simply stayed put unlike previous months...the "delicious creamy filling" has been a bit of an off white color for some time although its hfcs content has probably embalmed it... hostess said no twinkie stayed on the shelf for more than two weeks ( popular brand!) i am skeptical...but when am i not? i would set the absolute limit somewhere around two years and nine months of endurance before the grim snack cake reaper digs in the scythe...i wouldn't eat one that old...but, at this stage of life at least, i wouldn't eat one at two weeks either

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