Monday, September 21, 2015

silks, ears, and and darkening

geeked..i say geeked is what i am because the "wild and weedy" maize ancestor teosinte out in my back yard is showing increasing evidence of silks ( top four photos ) and of itself this could be a geek trigger..but there is more...i have discovered eight ears erupting from stems...two of them are in the fifth photo...but the news does not stop there...i have also found the first official teoisnte seeds of the ear's husk has partially peeled back revealing a few green seeds...where there are a few there will be more as the days shorten and autumn dials in...a bit further back in the jungle the solitary ramp that flowered has at least one mature seed ( they turn black when they are done ) i found it a few days ago and it seems the seed head isn't ready to let it go yet...ramp seeds need a cycle of heat and of cold to germinate so they may not produce plants until spring 2017...patience is a virtue in this business...if you tune in i don't see how you can aoid more photos of teosinte ears...forewarned is forearmed.

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