Friday, September 25, 2015

the mother of all corn flakes

the teosinte has grown a bit since i last threw myself in as a photographic scale thirty-two days ago...but i think its reach for increased verticality has come to an end as we swing into autumn and shorter days and cooler nights...more ears are appearing ( third photo ) ...i stopped counting when i got to thirty...and i found more seeds ( fourth photo if you couldn't see ) and the silks in the rest of the photos speak of ears and seeds to come...i do believe the plants will be throwing their energy into a burst of reproductive activity as opposed to growth for the rest of the season and i am looking at what i surmise to be a bumper crop of ears...the "wild and weedy" ancestor to your bowl of corn flakes is bringing all its corniness to bear as time expires on its season...expect more photos of the plant, if not the gardener.

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