Monday, October 12, 2015


the early blue potato blossoms from late last month have vanished from the garden...however they served their intended purpose in the form of new potato fruits...four in the photo and anther three i found laying in the bed...more seed soon enough...there are eight garlic plants up out of the fifty odd parker! and i planted a few weeks ago...something of a relief actually...she and i will be mulching the garlic and asparagus towards the end of the month or in early november...some of the beds of green manures we have planted are filling in well and looking lush with winter vetch, winter rye, alfalfa, and yellow peas...there are some fair stands of new zealand white clover as well...they were shaded and quiet during the growing season but have reasserted themselves now that the shade is receding...and in the meantime some green manures are just starting...this alfalfa i sin a race with frost...the rye will be fine...there's more to come...we're still working on cauliflower and brussels sprouts...stay tuned.

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