Tuesday, October 6, 2015


i found a yellow pea germinating on the soil surface in a bed...determined floaters..so i pushed it back down under the surface so it could root properly...there's some clover surface germinating in that photo as well...there some in the second one along with some winter rye...and pretty much more of the same in the third ( i don't see any winter vetch yet though )...there are small forests of well established green manures out there as well...the fourth photo is of some alfalfa and winter rye that have been up and running for a few weeks...the fifth photo is of the only garlic that has appeared so far...this was such a concern to me ( right now i have fifty-two garlic plants up on the south side of the house planted the same day as the community garden ) that i actually dug down in one of the beds to see what was up...they're working on it...bottom photo is of the garden tonight...we still have green in october.

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