Sunday, October 4, 2015

i was never an iltus fan anyway

"...the report concluded that american soil still eroded at an alarming rate more than four decades after the dust bowl. in the 1970s the nation lost four billion tons of of soil each year, a billion tons more than in the 1930s." "dirt: the erosion of civilizations" david montgomery.____not, perhaps, because americam agricultural methodology had lapsed back into some primitive was never very good to begin with apparently....soil degradation as a driver of manifest destiny doesn't get a lot of air time in history books but it was an issue...but because of the whole earl butz " fence row to fence row" business of bringing marginal land into production to produce more grain to use as a geopolitical weapon in the nixon/kissinger years that carries over to what's the field by the supermarket got to do with that? well it may not be marginal land but it is feedstock for the industrial food sector..but earl butz...and even hugh not what this post is about... the biomass that permeates the rows will be something of a challenge to the combine i'm thinking but all that mulch and all those roots down the rows will certainly cut down on any erosion going a no til field there is less disruption of the soil ( growth medium? ) and so less loss...not that there's none but there wouldn't be as much...and hugh iltus does figure into this post a bit...the husk one of the ears on the closely spaced plants has clearly split open exposing the bright dense yellow #2...and the ear on the neighboring plant has fallen over from it's standard upright position and ha a split husk as well...there are quite a few of them out there actually and, if the gmo people haven't spliced in a suicide gene ( the say they don't but they lie a lot...capitalists after all ), these could reseed themselves as autumn end, perhaps, of the symbiosis between humans and corn? maybe ( if anyone monsanto would ) but not the end of dense yellow #2 as feedstock and as a weapon.

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