Saturday, October 31, 2015

still open

when i got to the community garden it was just wet...and it looked like no one had been there for a while...perhaps they are laboring under the misapprehension that the garden is done and over in september...not so...there are now four cauliflowers out there and there's still blooms on the roma tomato plant...and an bed with potatoes just chugging away...i pulled up an early blue and found a packed root ball...the collards are still producing and there's a bit of kale and a few peppers till as well as jerusalem artichokes...there's still stuff out there for the hardy souls who are willing to brave the elements... i took some of th egreen manures i started in peat pots out today...their roots are coming through the bottoms of the pots...time to plant...the winter rye will spread rhizomatically, especially in the spring, providing more organic matter for the soil...i threw in some seed as well...if it doesn't germinate now some will in spring...i also put a couple in the biology club bed ( hope that's okay harold! )...we're working on next season as well...i counted thirty-eight garlic plants up and will be time to mulch those and the asparagus fairly weekend can join parker! and i if you like.

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