Tuesday, October 20, 2015


it was a warm tuesday here...but the micro climate in my back yard was around thirty-three degrees ( fahrenheit ) early saturday morning...i had covered the vulnerable plants in my back yard but did not have the luxury of the time to run out to the community garden to do so there...in fact today was the first chance i had to check up on things out there...there were a few plants...like the asparagus and the brussels sprouts...i knew would shrug off a frost...some others i wasn't so sure about...garlic could care less about frost and there are twenty-seven plants in varying stages of development up and running ( top photo )...the jalapeno peppers seemed okay but a hard frost will see their end and the banana peppers in the interior of the plants came through fine ( third photo ) but the exterior ones look a little frost bit ( fourth )...the curly kale is still producing and the cauliflower wasn't fazed by the cold either...there are a lot of late, green tomatoes out there...i doubt they will have time to ripen on the vine but picked and ripened in paper bags on a window sill will do just as well...the green manures are designed to winter over so they couldn't care less about frost...they are filling in well and should be fixing nitrogen already...they'll do more of that in the spring before they are turned under to add organic matter to keep the worms happy and doing their plowing/aerating work...the geraniums are still around too...a little late for japanese beetles so their repellent/trap crop duties are done...but the aesthetics are just fine...we're good at the garden today.

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