Monday, November 30, 2015


things are moving along in the plant room...the yacon seems happy and all three are evincing good new growth...i am wondering when the season will actually must sometime...the ollala potato in the fifth photo was surrounded by an aqua container ten days ago...this evening it has more than breached the top and can take in an expansive vista around the plant's container cohabitant is not far behind...the potato seed i planted on the fourteenth of june and which was well up and running on the twenty-fourth of that month ( seventh photo ) has ended its season and has produced two dangerously green and smallish tubers...they are inedible because the were obviously exposed to direct sunlight while they were outdoors but they should still be able to sprout into a second generation plant...they joined the other nine tubers i have harvested from plants grown from seed and will probably end up in the basement as plants soon enough...just getting started down there will be an interesting winter season with more spuds, teosinte. and, no doubt, some surprises

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