Thursday, November 12, 2015

spud report

it's early on in the indoor season but that doesn't mean nothing much is fact the opposite is what's going on...the spud that looked a bit fuzzy yesterday ( top photo ) looks a bit more leafy today ( second ) and it's neighbor ( third ) looks a bit less inert today ( fourth ) there is a bit of greening gong on at the end of that stalk which means roots must be taking hold...there is a bit of advancement in the chitting department as well with another spud ( looks like an ollala to me ) showing signs of nearing a planting date...the neighborhood yacon is booming along with a couple of more months under the lights before there are tubers and, perhaps, some propagation of new the outdoor world it is november and the teosinte is maturing as more and more ears split open to allow the seed heads to shatter..i will be harvesting some and leaving others in an effort to let another generation establish itself without my help ( although there will be teosinte come spring one way or another )...there is still an aphid patrol on duty, however the weather is due to go south fairly soon...the outdoor season's day are definitely numbered.

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