Wednesday, November 4, 2015

warm in early novenber

it has been a fairly warm early november here with temperatures in the low to mid 70s ( fahrenheit ) which isn't unheard of but isn't exactly normal either...warm or not the teosinte leaves are in full fall color and so are some of the fact at least one has shattered ( i collected half a dozen seeds for a germination test...perhaps this weekend ) length, not temperature at work here...the ramps seem to still be in no hurry to shatter and scatter...i will wait and wonder...there are numerous garlic plants up and in this weather mulching seems a bit of a ways off...i will wait and wonder about that as well...the yellow peas in the green manures are looking more and more alien every day...they will not survive a hard frost but one is uncertain of when that may occur as well...finally the last two photos are nasturtium family morphology with a mashua leaf above a photo of a nasturtium leaf...cousins without doubt...more as seed heads shatter and plots are mulched...this leaves us with an undetermined time frame, but actual autumn and then winter will surely be here...just a matter of time.

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