Saturday, December 12, 2015

anomalous as the new normal

they're calling for a mild winter this year...and sixty degrees ( fahrenheit ) at ten o'clock on december the twelfth seems to me to fit in pretty well with that much so that the green manures i on the south side of the house are showing robust growth...there are still yellow peas up and running well bast their die back time and the clover, vetch, and winter rye could use a mowing...but not til spring...the garlic keeps pushing up through the mulch...not a huge's the roots i am concerned about and they are covered...and while on the subject of garlic, the aerial garlic bulbs my soft necked garlic produced as a result of the last harsh winter and which i planted in september have begun to come up...where to put them...i had planned on putting them in the community garden ( more on that and its surprises in the next post ) but it is far too late for that...time to think...and, finally, you didn't think you'd get through aback yard post without one teosinte related photo, did you?

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