Sunday, December 13, 2015

anomalous II's the day after yesterday and if the temperature in the micro-climate of my back yard had done anything i has gone up...and what does this balmy late autumn day ( it is technically fall for eight more days ) find me doing? digging trenches to plant flower bulbs at someone else's behest ( i am NOT a flower kind of guy...if it isn't a nasturtium i am not interested )...specifically forty daffodils, twenty crocus, twelve tulips, and thirty chionodoxa...whatever they be honest i had some deteriorating seed garlic still hanging around so the flower bulbs have some allium for company...there was a batch of homemade compost finished in the bin so all the bulbs got a dose to grow on...things are not natural here...i have no idea when, or if, they will realign themselves...perhaps volatility in climate is the new norm...or, at least, uncharacteristic divergence.

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