Saturday, December 12, 2015

another step in the cycle

the last twenty-three potato fruits that were harvested in september were ready to process...some were more ready than others and had begun to shrivel and since i was up early on a saturday morning and i had the time i got it taken care of...i expected seed from the larger fruits but it has always been the quantity of seed from the smaller ones that surprise me..i have never had the patience to do an actual, accurate comparison of seed totals from the different sized fruits ( a project for my dotage perhaps...i expect more fruits since i will be growing a fourth season of early blue potatoes from the original closes i got from the potato introduction station a couple of years back [ i am counting seed potatoes grown in my basement over the past couple of winters a s separate generations ] and they are prolific producers of fruits ) but the totals have to be close...the shriveled fruits didn't so much cut as tear even with a sharp paring knife...they were loaded with seed though even if the mucilage was extremely thick and reeking with solanine ( which still burns small cuts on your hands )...these fruits rendered what i would estimate to be over five hundred more seeds to join the thousands i have in the freezer ( not to mention [even though i'm mentioning them ] the ones i have mailed off to friends ) was a good year for tubers in the regional potato habitat and an good year for the harvesting and production of fruits and true seeds...i have tubers from seed plants to put out in spring as well...generations in generations..cycles in cycles...there will be spuds everywhere if i have my way.

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