Sunday, December 6, 2015

elmer's blue

i'm storing the potatoes i saved for seed in boxes in a cool place out of direct sunlight and i have been going through them on a weekly basis checking for chitting and/or decomposing tubers...this week i found two elmer's blue potatoes that had shriveled and gone soft on one i cut the bad spots out, cut the spuds into plantable pieces, and let them i took the downstairs and planted them in fresh compost and sphagnum moss in a largish container and stuck them under a light where i am hoping to coax them into sprouting in the next week or two ( perhaps longer...they have their own schedule ...i also found a few other varieties sprouting...some not quite rready yest...but this ollala ( fourth photo ) was turning green on the end...chlorophyll = "plant me" in i did, with just the green tip showing...soon enough it will be joining the two other ollalas next door which are already in progress...i see a generation of seed potatoes on the .loose in april

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