Wednesday, December 23, 2015

sharply warmer

volatility extends well beyond the market and oil prices ( which are, wiser heads than mine say, "unsustainable at current price levels"...inclined to isn't an unlimited commodity...finite supply + continued consumption = higher prices...simple free market math...but that's another post...and, probably, a different blog ) is present in the climate in my back yard which, after short dip in temperatures, has returned to unseasonably high temperatures and rain...plants are confused ( although many respond to day length and not temperature...those have died back or are dormant ) the curly kale is booming along....i found a garlic bulb hanging pout of a deteriorating peat was one of the red inchelium aerial bulb i planted in september...the weather has it chugging along towards sprouting...i found it a new home...the garlic is being obdurate elsewhere as well as it continues to insist on poking up through the mulch...if there ever is winter i will add more straw...if winter fails to materialize there will be finished garlic in april...hard to call this one so far...there are still unshattered teosinte seeds out there...hanging around the ears..even if they are viable ( and i have my doubts )they need some cycles of cold to break dormancy...which the ramps i planted last autumn need as well...and the eastern gamagrass seed i am trying to "naturalize" out there...this "el nino" will be disruptive of more than a white christmas...drought next summer?...don't count it out

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