Monday, December 21, 2015


in september i planted aerial bulbs for the soft neck garlic red inchelium in peat pots and left them outside to see what, if anything, would come up...on the twelfth of this month i found the plant in the top photo growing and brought it in ( second photo ) assuming it was garlic...i am still 99% sure it is garlic ( no absolutes ) but that dark band around the base of the stem bothers me...the third photo is of a northern tepehuan teosinte seedling in the back yard last has a dark band around the base as well...the fourth photo is of some garlic that sprouted after i planted it last is not red inchelium and does not have a dark band "red" part of red inchelium is probably responsible for the dark band...the mature garlic bulbs were adorned with reddish streaks as were the aerial bulbs...just a note on the tricky business of plant identification...not always that simple a sure before you eat.

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