Thursday, December 17, 2015


i planted this yacon in april and everything i read prescribed a seven month season which would have meant a finish in november... which is why i moved it downstairs when the autumn frost set in...and my best guess ( only a guess ) is that moving it into the basement has artificially prolonged its season...all the plants are evincing new growth..they have shed leaves as well and while i was rooting around in the litter i discovered a couple of smallish tubers growing near the surface ( there is a much larger one under the tap root ) so i harvested them just t see what was what...when i cut one open it looked like nothing in my experience so much as a chinese yam...a white, succulent flesh...texturally it was a lot like a chinese yam as well but there was actual flavor...or. at least, sweetness in the is nutritionally null and was grown by the incas ( according to "lost crops of the incas ) as a treat...something like watermelon....if was fine and i have a few more pieces of tuber to use as seed and i do believe i will try to propagate some clone plants form cuttings just to see how that goes...the two ollala potatoes in the aqua container are thriving and the one i planted eleven days ago is about to word for m the elmer's blue i planted at the same time..indoor season just getting started...months of this stuff ahead.

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