Sunday, January 17, 2016

time and temp

the high temperature friday was in the forties ( fahrenheit ) and was around thirty-five when i got home from work( the first set of photos was taken at 4:16 p.n. ) had rained and the shade moss and the green manures ( new zealand white clover and winter vetch with winter rye as a nitrogen reservoir ) all seemed to be in an upright ( as upright as moss gets ) state with their leaves turned towards the light...yesterday the temperature held in the upper twenties all day ( first set of photos taken at 8:40 a.m., second at 3:50 p.m. )...the morning saw some of the clover upright and some turning down because of the afternoon only a few were left leaf up...the rest had turned the less fragile bottoms of their leaves skyward and the vetch had taken a dive for even deeper cover under the clover...this morning at 7:15 it was a balmy six degrees and even most of the winter rye had turned down...i a normal winter in these parts snow would be beating the legumes down even further...but, so far, there has been little in the way of snow and , since this has ( once again, so far ) an atypical season and temperatures are forecast to rise above freezing by next weekend i am will to surmise i will be posting photos of upright clover again...were the clover and vetch to say damped down masanobu fukuoka would say now would be the time to sow seed so they could germinate and establish themselves in spring before the clover and vetch recovered...he would also leave the green manures in the plot to fertilize the crop and help control ( not eliminate ) "weeds"...this plot is destined to become a potato patch and it is too early to plant spuds..instead i will be "mowing these manures ( read cutting them down with a sickle ) and turning them under before planting...i have seed for spring green manures and i have winter vetch seed so the patch will be replanted with green manures after the spuds have established themselves and they will be left in to finish the season after the spuds come in...since it cannot be a potato patch in the 2017 season i may experiment with a winter seeding of a crop next year.

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