Saturday, March 5, 2016

seasonal nexus-spuds

it's in the forties this morning and forecast to be getting warmer...and staying above freezing at night...once that trend solidifies there will be some movement going on...the four spuds i planted on the sixth of february have easily topped the container and, as things warm, will be finishing their season outside..the fourth and fifth photos show a week's growth in a german butterball destined to be outside before long as well...the plants in the sixth photo were planted in december and will probably finish downstairs...whatever tubers they produce will be part of the cyclical outdoor plantings i have in mind for the coming season...soon enough the lights downstairs will switch off for the season and we will be dealing in solar energy converted into carbohydrates...i am ready...the long range forecast troubles me a bit but it could be incorrect...or i may be doing a lot of watering...either way the time is almost here.

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