Sunday, March 13, 2016

what's up?

spring arrives in a week but some plants aren't waiting around for the calendar...some rain and temperatures in the forties and fifties ( fahrenheit ) have any number of early risers on the move...the clover, winter vetch and winter rye are looking greener every day and more ramps are popping ( forth fifth and sixth photos ) there are more up than the ones in the photos and with the ones i planted last autumn added to the already established plants i am hoping for a much larger population this season...they are native and they are perennials so it's good to see them on schedule...the bottom two photos are of a group of egyptian walking onions ( thanks fern! ) that have successfully overwintered and are ready to get going those will probably be as much fun to watch as to eat...spuds in later this month parked in amongst the clover and vetch...some fukuoka style "do nothing" going on in the garden this spring.

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