Thursday, June 23, 2016

alfalfa leafcutter bees

there were bees moving around in the bag when i opened the i put it in the refrigerator to slow them down...while they were cooling off i hung the bee house and put in a few screws to be sure no grimy little paws grabbed it out ( i put chicken wire over the opening too...after the bees went can see in the third photo that some had hatched out in transit and as soon as i opened the bag and put it in the house a couple made a move to escape ( fine with me )as they warmed themselves on the house i took some portraiture to share....will the nest there? who knows...they are insects and the bee house may lose out to some more natural spot...the point is there are new bees in the neighborhood and there is an environment for them...i haven't planted that alfalfa just for blooms and seeds.

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