Sunday, June 26, 2016's all allium

i had forgotten about the egyptian walking onions...planted last autumn and up this past spring they were completely subsumed by the winter vetch and its climbing ways...i had already come tot he conclusion that s green manures go winter vetch is as problematic as cow peas and will have to go as a concept...this batch his going to seed sop i will be pulling it and composting it rather than turning it under and another plant will have to be found...the onions are still there, if feeble and atrophied ( second and third photos )...and i am inclined to overwinter them and see what come up next spring ( i also purchased more sets to plant in the fall )...the plants develop aerial bulbs which pull the stem down with their weight and the bulbs root creating another generation...these tried their best under adverse conditions and did produce some ( fourth and fifth photos )...i am not sure if these are viable...we will be planting these as well to is a family trait...following harsh winters soft neck garlic will produce aerial bulbs as well like the ones on red inchelium in the last two photos from last is all in the allium family...genetics do not lie.

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