Saturday, June 18, 2016

grapes and a trellis

the seedless grape vines have been putting out tendrils for a while now so i took some fence posts and wire to give them something to latch onto...i drove two five foot fence posts to sting 12 gauge wire from and two three footers to guy them four fence posts...six turnbuckles...eight wire clamps and about thirty feet of wire later the trellis is a fact...they have a space to grow into...i would have used the fence but my neighbor has a habit of hacking off anything that protrudes onto his side ( fair enough ) which is what has been done with the grandfatherly concord grape root stock a bit further down the have evinced new growth close to the source so i planted a post to train the new vines back into my yard rather than towards his which is where they were headed...eventually the will reach the fir tree and, hopefully, begin producing grapes like the ones in the last two photos...more as the seedless grapes vine up.

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