Saturday, June 18, 2016

new stuff...

a stop at the community garden after work yesterday revealed some new additions to the population and some progress among the established..i found half a dozen blue lake bush beans up when i got day from planting to germination...clearly the asparagus is at home...i found three new spears up yesterday...the blooms have faded and i am waiting to see if and "berries" appear...more seed to propagate would be fine with me..the yacon that had shocked is on the rebound with more new leaves while the orange lunchbox pepper and beefsteak tomato plants continue to produce...there are no roma tomatoes apparent yet...however there are multiple flowers so fruit should be in the offing...the rye in my bed is moving closer and closer to ripe and there will be a harvest soon...i have acquired seed for brussels sprouts and kohlrabi for fall harvest and those will be going into a bed before the month is done...there is movement...there is room for more..we will l fill in as we go.

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