Saturday, June 25, 2016

not quite knee high, not quite july

a need fro some jute twine had me out early behind the big box stores and so i dropped in n the field of dense yellow #2 it is doing well and is mostly about a foot tall ( some of the more closely spaced plants are a bit shorter ) the spacing seems not to be uniform...four distance between plants is almost random...the row spacing is pretty standard though...the one i checked was about 34 inches...looking at the condition of the thistle that is between the rows i would have to say some sort of herbicide has been applied...there is no drought here...there has been enough rain that these natives should be green...they are withered instead and the "weeds" down the other rows are in no better shape...a first in this field in my experience...will the natives rebound and if they do will they be sprayed again? i'll be looking in to is early yet...most anything could happen.

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