Sunday, June 19, 2016


there are wild strawberries all down the beds out back..a niche safe from the lawn mower and accessible to the local birds so they thrive...i assumed that they propagate like domesticated putting out stolons and creating "daughter "plants"
like the ones here that were in the old iu northwest community garden...and when i pulled back the leaves that is what i found...i also found some distinctly undomestic my experience domestic strawberries only bear fruit on rooted plants...the stolons take root at node that develop along the stem and then those new plants beat fruit...the wild strawberries are creating fruit at nodes with no roots...the node is growing a stem and a berry without taking root...a significant difference between "wild and weedy" ancestor and the hybrid domesticate...the sweet potato plants are also putting out stolons..but unlike the strawberries, they are rooting where the leaf iode touches the ground ( like zea diploperennis and potato vines grown from true seed )and basically creating a new plant...i will be "hiling" these nodes in hopes of stimulating more tuber production.

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