Saturday, June 25, 2016

the rest of the garden

the rest of the garden is doing well...the cucumbers, blue lake bush beans, and the buttercrunch lettuce share abed and seem to be cohabiting well...there are two new asparagus spears up bringing the total to forty-two spears...they are at home there and thriving...harvest ready in a couple more years...the orange lunchbox pepper continues to produce...why they are call 'ORANGE' escapes me at the moment...perhaps when they ripen...half a dozen beefsteak tomatoes are on the sign of romas yet although there are many blooms on that plant..eventually...the winter rye is almost done...there is still a bit of green in places so i will wait...however sometime this week i will probably bring it in for the "bread from scratch" project ( it's coming along Jean! ) there's still a lot to do in the garden...we'll finish up in novenber...more as it comes up.

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