Monday, June 20, 2016

winter rye on the first day of summer

a solstice trip to had rained but not enough so i did s some watering and then had a look around at what was up...cucumbers are up and will be putting out tendrils soon...trellis time is nearing...the asparagus is just booing along...two more new pears since friday...happy plants...happy gardener...the bush beans number half a dozen and the lone sweet potato is coming is somewhat shaded by the winter rye...but the rye is ripening quickly and will be gone soon...some of the ears are already done like the one in the seventh can see the grain poking pout of the chaff...this plant is the result of generations of artificial selection for desirable traits including a resistance to shattering...the rachis in this ear are strong and threshing the grain out of it takes some effort and the result is forty-four grains of rye...ground into flour and mixed with h=wheat flour there will be bread from scratch from a number of beds.

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