Sunday, July 31, 2016


the beans in the field by the supermarket have topped the native other places the legumes seem to have been seriously out competed by plants from bermuda thistle to rapidly maturing ( and tall ) poke weed...obviously an untreated round-up, atrazine based carcinogen here...there is lots of competition down the no-til rows and if you closely to the right of the building in the last photo you can just make out some volunteer corn...the seed patent holders will not be happy with that...unfortunately it is nowhere near enough to the edge of the field to wade out to...they say there's no suicide gene ion that stuff...and hybrid corn does have issues with sterility in a second generation...but the volunteer corn i have been able to observe has never produced ears...perhaps i will look for another bean field...doubtlessly it would have been corn last season..there may be volunteers closer to the berm.

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