Thursday, July 14, 2016

beyond the bugs

there is quite a bit of activity out back beyond the beetle issue...the bear paw maize for of the plants has begun to flower which means it will be attracting the interest of squirrels soon enough...its :"wild and weedy" ancestor the teosinte has not...even though it is quite a bit older than the maize in terms of the seaon in my back yard...the teosinte went in in early april and the maize in late may...the maize will be squirrel food by august but the teosinte will not bloom and from ears until ate least september...a much longer season for the ancestor..something that was obviously selected for in maize through artificial selection...the brussels sprouts ( fourth photo ) and the kohlrabi ( fifth) are still looking quite similar...and will for a time...however changes will be setting in soon enough and they will become quite different adult plants...the older asparagus plant died back but a new spear hjas apreaed and the transplant from the bed of my truck seems well adapted to its new home ( seventh )...the wheat is ripening and will be in soon to be threshed and winnowed ( yippie! ) for the bread Jean and i are working on...and finally the ramp buds are beginning to open in earnest...this makes me happy, if no one else.

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