Sunday, July 17, 2016

black eagle wheat harvest

i finished threshing ( but not winnowing ) the last of the rye this morning so after i got home from the community garden and before it rained i brought in the bed of black eagle wheat using my new japanese made sickle..the bed has taken a few shots from critters bedding down in it ( most likely daisy the cat...despite the netting i put up )and the weather...still,small as the bed and crop may have looked i got three sheaves of wheat which will render quite a bit of least enough for the "bread from scratch" project...the next step for the bed is to turn it under and allow the remaining straw to decompose before planting the bed in hard red winter wheat for an earlier crop for next year's bread from scratch...i brought the sheaves in and hung them up in the plant room until i find the time to start processing the grain...have to finish winnowing the rye first.

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