Thursday, July 7, 2016

evidence of bees

despite being handicapped by skittish bees ( the people at crown bees were not joking when they said these critters were shy ) and a sony camera that refuses to focus on the foreground ( yes i have read the manual and contacted sony from now on )but takes wonderfully clear shots of any background you care to imagine ( and so the piece of copier paper to confound the cybershot )i managed to take some startlingly mediocre photos of some leaf cutter bees sunning themselves this they are out there still working and one of the tubes in the nesting block is full...the crucial question is are the bee larvae or earwigs? won't really know until november when i harvest the block..more bees ( and, hopefully, better photos ) as i find them. 7-8-2016
the last plug i found in the nesting block was inconclusive for me since i am no expert...this, however, cannot be anything but a chlorophyll filled leaf in the end of this tube...good news...the bees i have seen are nesting.

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