Saturday, July 30, 2016

genetic diversity

last season i grew northern tepehuan teosinte out back (first photo ) was tall, slender, and rather than sprouting tillers it actually branched from the stem and produced ears ( second and third )...this season there is bear paw maize out there ( fourth photo) until the squirrels find it ...and, as you'd expect, it is producing ears ( fifth ) is producing tillers as well ( sixth photo ) ...this season i am growing a different variety of teosinte as a "wild and weedy ancestor" contrast...i have never grown zea mays parvaglumis before..some of it has a distinctively "corny" look ( seventh and eighth )...some does not ( ninth )...this plant looks more like a bush and is reminiscent more of the perennial zea dipoloperennis than an annual has a dozen tillers around the central stalk and i'm thinking bunch grass every time i look at it...i have no idea if theis will flower and produce ears ( it is far too early in its season the even think about that ) s i will simply have to exercise some patience and wait until september or so...if you hear shouting it means i found some.

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