Tuesday, July 12, 2016

i'd call it a seaon on the move

it has been hot here and the garden has needed attention...i watered saturday...parker! watered yesterday and i went back after work today and, sure enough, the soil was hot and dry so i watered again...ellen has expressed a desire to join in so parker! has set up a calendar on google so we can organize ourselves...movement! the garden needs water...the kohlrabi in the top photo and the brussels sprouts in the second are just getting underway and their root systems are not that deep so they need to be tended to if we are going to enjoy a harvest this autumn ( same for th esugar snap peas in the third ) the jerusalem artichokes are looking a bit droopy as we...at least the smaller ones...the seven footers are looking robust and will be sprouting sunny yellow blossoms soon ( fourth and fifth ) the cucumbers are fine as well and they have blossomed...there are nascent cukes going on down there and there will be many if i am to judge by the number of blooms...the bush beans ( eighth ) are coming along while the asparagus had produced yet two more spears...forty-nine now if memory serves...looking for an even fifty...the stem of the egyptian walking onion ( eleventh ) that had curled back on itself has finally reached the ground...those onion bulbs will be rooting soon and there will be more onions in the bed come spring...if harvested with an eye for for continued new growth they can be a self-sustaining supply of allium...both the beef steak and roma tomatoes are producing well and there are any number of peppers...the season is into tits fifth month..about mid point...produce will begin to ripen over the next month...fruition of what we have been working towards...there will be more.

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