Saturday, July 9, 2016

maintenance run

took an early run out to campus to weed ( minimal since parker! mulched the beds with straw...thanks parker! ) water and have a look seems that things are in good order...the fall crops of kohlrabi, brussels sprouts, and sugar snap peas ( first three photos ) are all up and running...the cucumbers are finding the trellis and blooming ( fourth and fifth ) and the blue lake bush beans are coming along...there are two new asparagus spears...forty-seven altogether now...the plants are clearly happy in that bed...there are egyptian walking onions ( one anyway in the ninth photo ) and it has begun to "walk"...the aerial bulbs on the stem that has lain down will take root...something akin to a strawberry daughter plant but without the stolon...the weight of the aerial bulbs simply pulls the stem down allowing the bulbs to root and begin a new plant...there are more forming at the top of the plant so i am hoping more plants will be on the way soon...left to their own devices they will provide a bed of onions in a few seasons...the garden looks good today...stop by and have a look.

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