Sunday, July 3, 2016


it's early july and the season is coming along pout back...from top to bottom, the row of bear paw maize looks about knee high while the bush beans continue to put out leaves ( but no blooms yet )...some of the spring wheat volunteers are very close to ripe and the rye back there is just behind...the yacon in the fifth photo is representative of all the yacon out won't be done until the frosts are here...the sweet potatoes are thriving to the extent that the vines are trying to invade what there is of a yard back banana peppers in the eighth photo and sweet banana peppers in the next...the cucumber plant in the tenth photo has a multiplicity of blooms but no fruit..yet...the twelfth photo is an elmer's blue potato i found chitting in the basement while i was cleaning the plant went into a container...the spud beds are full..thirteen and fourteen tell me there will be grapes if all goes according to plan...the next two promise at least some tomatoes...the seventeenth photo is saying jalapenos are almost ready and the last one is of a mashua vine trailing down its container...there are unpictured potatoes due to be done this month and i have skipped ( unusually ) the teosinte this time far it's all good....more as it progresses.

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