Monday, July 4, 2016


someone forgot their lunch...and their phone...and delivering those items took me past the field behind the big box stores so i stopped to have a look...planted late it is still "knee high" on schedule and growing quickly...( i'd say "like a weed" but that would be offensive to growers and inaccurate..."weed" is a slippery word to define )...that is not a tiller in the second photo ( the bear paw maize in the third is tillering ), just two plants growing very close fact all the plants are planted very closely even though the rows are the standard 30" apart...last time i was out here i noticed the field had been sprayed with herbicide...looking down the rows this morning i see the native plants have begun to stage a comeback...there are green stems and green leaves down there and more are bound to come...chemicals can deter the natives but not destroy them...the weed killer must be vigilant...we will see what comes of this "weed" resilience and whether another round of chemical solution is applied...with plants planted this close together this state will be a sea of corn by now...i have had enough of industry today..i am off tot he community garden soon..expect a report.

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