Tuesday, July 26, 2016


if the maize on campus is beginning to flower the maize in my back yard is advancing even farther...the plant in the top photo has a blooming corn flower and has three ears forming down the stalk and the uppermost has sprouted a tuft of silks signaling the beginning of kernel fertilization...another plant just down the row has two ears, some silks, and an earwig that has taken up residence...the gardener is not pleased...they have interfered with the bees and now the maize...they also seem ubiquitous and unavoidable...there is always a price to pay..and the squirrels may exacta much higher toll...i will be on the lookout but they are wily little critters and i am not sanguine an bout any real maize harvest..my thoughts are they will beat me to it...so i will take as many photos as possible..we may get lucky.

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