Monday, July 4, 2016

straw and brassica

an early morning trip out to the garden tells me Parker! has been out planting and mulching the beds with straw ( thanks Parker!! )...we are moving in the right direction...late but not never...there are brussels sprouts up ( second photo ) and kohlrabi ( third )...they resemble one another strongly because they are close cousins...both brassica...there are sugar snap peas up as well ( fourth ) so the ex-biology club bed is coming alive for autumn...the bed with the asparagus, tomatoes a, and peppers has a robust population...more asparagus plants are flowering...i have not seen any "berries" as yet but it is not too late to have seed develop...that would be gratifying for a number of reasons...the beef steak and roma tomatoes ( seventh and eighth ) are coming along...i am rather at a loss to understand why the peppers in the ninth photo are called "orange lunchbox" unless they are still quite a way from ripe....the tenth photo is of a nascent bell pepper and a bloom that will , hopefully, fulfill its purpose soon...the cucumbers in the next photo are doing well and developing tendrils to climb the cage behind them...blooms next up...the buttercruch lettuce in the in the twelfth photo is thriving and can be harvested any time ( from the outside...leave the middle to grow more )..the relentless jerusalem artichokes are taller than i am in places and bringing in the rye has given the sweet potato vine in the last photo the sunshine it needs to really get going...we are gaining ground and population...stay tuned.