Saturday, July 9, 2016

we aren't done with bees

not that they're all in the photo but three of the tubes in the nesting block are now plugged at the end...there is work going on and no mistake...i found a couple of the girls resting on the critter net around the wheat bed ( apparently bird tape does not deter leaf cutter bees )...if this works out i will have another generation of bees next summer..i may, depending on how many cocoons i harvest in november, augment the next season's population with more purchased bees...the nesting block seems to have ample room...this season only has a few more weeks to run so we will see how much room they use...the larger the population they can generate the better...the resources they need are clearly present and i would like to expand tot he carrying capacity of the yard...or the neighborhood...i am presuming they are not stopping at the property line.

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