Friday, July 29, 2016

wet july

another 1.7" of rain since last sunday to add to the 7" from the previous week is turning this in to a moist july here...not unheard of...not usually this much precipitation has cooled a bit in the back yard but things are still moving along...the bear paw maize is getting on to being as tall as me and the ears re becoming more pronounced...waiting for the squirrels...the bush beans are coming in well which is fine and the leaf cutter bees have capped off six tubes in the nesting block...perhaps not a population explosion but it will be cocoons i can add to the ones i purchase for release next year...some home grown leafcutters will be a good addition...the containerized jerusalem artichokes are beginning to bloom...tubers soon enough...lots of tubers...yacon, mashua, and many potatoes will (hopefully ) a tuber bonanza...the cukes, cherry tomatoes, and beans in the last photo was harvested in about ten minutes in the rain ( the beans being the most time consuming )..there are peppers and roma and beef steak tomatoes out there too...there will be more reports as the season progresses... there is still threshing and winnowing going on preparatory to the beginning of bread making....there is still a lot to do.

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