Saturday, August 6, 2016

corn sweat appendix

besides being taller than i am i have no clue about what this teosinte is up is a variety i have never grown before and it has me a bit confused...i germinated these seeds indoors and planted them when they were ready so i know what's there...each is froma single seed...some of it looks a lot like corn ( second and third photos )...however the one in the top photo has produced seventeen tillers and resembles perennial teosinte ( even if it is not behaving the same way ) and had become more of a bush than a grass...i am a bit impatient ( which does no good ) for flowers and seed ears to see what's what....more as it develops.


  1. Hey Fred! I've probably commented on your blog before. But i wanted to say how great your teosinte is this year! This year a few of us are growing Zea diploperrennis, diploperrenis-maize hybrids, and Zea mexicana. Join our discussion on Homegrown Goodness!

  2. thanks for the kind words..the plants are doing the work...i have grown zea diploperennis in the past in campus and still have seed in the is a different critter than the annuals..this is my first year with this variety so i am uncertain of where we are headed...waiting for september...waiting for flowers and seed ears...i'll stop by the board...thanks!