Saturday, August 6, 2016

corn sweat

this is one of the cooler ambient air temperatures i have recorded recently...there has been a "heat dome" hanging around the midwest lately driving temperatures into the nineties and the heat index past one hundred many days..."corn sweat" has been cited as a factor that has contributed heavily tot he miserable humidity ( add in the inland sea few miles away and we get a double dose )...i would call it transpiration..plants pulling moisture up from the soil, opening stomata in its leaves, and letting the water evaporate top cool the it does serve the same purpose as perspiration in humans although the fluid is just water in plants...when the stomata open the leaves curl up towards the center....july was hot here but the microclimate in my yard got over eight and one half inches of precipitation...there was ample water in the spoil and the plants weren't working too hard to stay cool...august has been warm and dry causing the plants to reach deeper into the soil for less water and the leaves on the bear paw maize ( second and third photos ) and the teosinte ( fourth and fifth ) have begun to curl in protest...when zea leaves start to curl it's time to water..i will be going by the industrial corn field behind the big box stores tomorrow to check for ear development and look for multiple ears on plants ( bet i don't find many )...i will be looking for curled leaves as well to see what impact the weather is having on the industrial brand of corn.

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